Buyers Guide

  1. Search for the perfect property unit in terms of price, location & facilities. Get advice from a licensed agent. Schedule a viewing of the property.
  2. Once price is negotiated with the seller of the property, an MoU (Memorandum of Understanding) contract is signed between the buyer & seller, mentioning the agreed price along with terms and conditions. (Buyer usually issues a cheque of 10%  the agreed price, held by the agent as a guarantee and retained back once purchase is completed). 
  3. Once the MoU is signed, an NOC certificate is issued at the developer's office. The NOC ensures that the property is paid for, and that all maintenance fees have been cleared. NOC certificates can take anywhere from 3 – 10 Working Days, depending on the developer. 
  4. The final stage is completing the transfer in any Land Department office and obtaining the Title Deed. (Buyer usually pays 4% of the agreed price to the Land Department as transfer fees + 2% as Agency fees, payable to the agencies involved). 
  5. Congratulations! Once the Title Deed is issued under your name, you are now officially a property owner!